Visit to the village of Mission

Zinal, Mission Culture & Heritage
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Discover the history and heritage of the village of Mission through one of its inhabitants

Guided tour led by Alain Zuber

There was a time when all the residents of the village were farmers, and traces of the former economy can still be seen here. What were the raccard and the grenier used for? How can they be told apart? What historical event is engraved on the memories of the people of Mission? How many societies are there in this village of just 80 people? To whom is the chapel dedicated?Enjoy exploring the past and present stories of Mission in the company of a passionate local resident who really enjoys sharing his knowledge of village and valley with visitors.

Alain Zuber : a son of the village, inherited his passion for sharing its stories from his father. He draws on an inexhaustible knowledge of the village’s history, its past way of life and its traditions. He will be delighted to show you round the chapel and the historic buildings of Mission.

Practical information

  • For all
  • Minimum 3 participants
  • Visits in French
  • Meeting point in front of the Mission Chapel
  • Registration required until 5pm the day before
  • Other visits available on request


  • Office du Tourisme de Zinal
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