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Discover the history of the village of Zinal and its heritage with the help of local enthusiasts

Guided tour by Denise Morisod and Régis Theytaz

Before becoming a resort, Zinal was a "village-mayen" inhabited only on a periodical basis. Beginning in 1860, Zinal gained notoriety with the growth of mountaineering. Why did the summits of Zinal attract so many British climbers? What does Zinal mean? How many people can be accommodated today? What is the name of its iconic peak? Where did the Queen of the Netherlands stay? Enjoy exploring the past and present history of Zinal, guided by a local resident.

Denise Morisod, born in Sierre, has been living in Zinal since 1970. Her work as a clerk at the former Zinal Post Office brought her into regular close contact with both local residents and tourists. Régis Theytaz was born in Ayer and attended the last peripatetic school between Zinal, Ayer and Sierre. In 1968, Régis Theytaz and his cousin Florentin achieved the first winter ascent of the west face of the Weisshorn.

Practical information

  • For all
  • Minimum 3 participants
  • This tour is offered by the Zinal Tourist Board
  • Group tours available on request (group rates)
  • Tour in French or German
  • Meeting point in front of the Tourist Office
  • Bookings until the day before at 5pm


  • Office du Tourisme de Zinal
    +41 27 476 17 05 - zinal@anniviers.ch