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As a state-of-the-art digital planetarium, it looks like a mini cinema room (15 seats) with a half-sphere-shaped screen that completely surrounds the spectators. The screening of films on the theme of astronomy is however not the heart of the activity: it is a live show, hosted by an astronomer from OFXB to whom you are invited. It is up to you to explore the theme by asking your questions!


From the discovery of the seasonal sky to videos relating to the incredible journey of repairing the Hubble telescope, through a didactic presentation of the mechanism of eclipses, all astronomical subjects can be approached by adding the spectacular of the projection ” full vault ”and the power of the digital tools with unlimited possibilities.

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Vom 16. Mai bis 15. Juli, fahren wir über Vercorin nach Anniviers! Mehr dazu :

Appointment : 5 minutes before the show, at the stellarium

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Planétarium / St-Luc
Observatoire François-Xavier Bagnoud
3961 St-Luc



Route du Vieux-Village
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Longitude : 7.59666