Guided visit to the village and ella Maillart Museum

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Discover the history and traditions of the village of Chandolin
Discover Chandolin with a local resident.

Known as one of the highest year-round inhabited villages in Europe, Chandolin attracted illustrious guests from an early age, some of whom have made it their home. Would you like to find out more? The communal oven, the Maison Bourgeoisiale and the Ella Maillart museum are just some examples of the village's rich built heritage. Do you know Glacier Wine? It is only drunk in the cellars of the Val d'Anniviers, straight from the barrel.  You can taste the Vin du Glacier during your visit to the Bourgeoisie. You will also discover the Edmond Bille exhibition.

Enjoy discovering the past and present history of Chandolin, thanks to a passionate resident who is delighted to pass on to visitors her knowledge of the village and the valley.

Christiane Crettaz
A child of the village, she and her family lived through the great transformations that led to the creation of the resort. Thanks to Christiane Crettaz, you'll know almost everything about this beautiful village of Chandolin, which nevertheless retains all its mystery.

Practical information
  • ​All ages
  • Minimum 3 participants
  • Private guided tours on request (group rates)
  • Guided tour in French (except the visit on 17 July in French and English)
  • Meeting point in front of the Tourist Office of Chandolin
  • Bookings until 5 pm the day before
  • This tour is offered by the Chandolin Tourist Board.


Office du Tourisme de Chandolin