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Florence, Antony and their team offer you the opportunity to taste a homemade hunting menu, from starter to dessert, by the Sorebois brigade and with fresh and local products.

It is also an opportunity to exchange and discover the wines of the region thanks to the presence of a new wine maker on each date.

Take advantage of this event to discover the autumn colours of Zinal and to treat your taste buds!

19:00 Departure by cable car from Zinal
19:15 Wine tasting
20:00 Hunting and local produce discovery menu
22:00 Descent by cabin to Zinal

Consommé de gibier à l’hydromel 
 et toast de jambon de cerf
Marbré de faisan et foie gras
Pain d’épices, coulis d’airelles et pommes                                                       
Noisette de selle de chevreuil
Jus au sureau noir, coing, chartreuse de polenta
Granité au Syrah et mini sucette aux épices
Tarte fondante châtaignes et poire
Sorbet poire

Presence of the wine producers
- 17 September: Rouvinez
- 24 September: Jean Pierre Monnet - Cave du Vieux Village
- 01 October: Kuonen
- 08 October: Betrisey

Included in the price: the aperitif - the meal & terroir - return trip by cable car
Drinks not included

By reservation only.
The event takes place in all weather conditions.
Restaurant de Sorebois
Remontées Mécaniques Grimentz-Zinal SA
027 476 20 65

Conditions of cancellation
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  • In case of force majeure, you can submit a written request for cancellation to the organisation. Only requests for cancellation submitted with supporting documents will be considered.
  • The event may be cancelled by the organiser for various reasons, such as a lack of participants, weather conditions or technical problems. Where possible, you will be informed of such a cancellation by email. In the case of cancellation by the organiser, you will not be charged.
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Restaurant de Sorebois
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