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By José Rodrigues, astrophysicist and amateur astronomer.

As part of the OFXB Star Party 2024, we are pleased to offer you a wide-field astrophotography workshop, designed to help you become autonomous by the end of the course. The aim of this workshop is to give you the methods and techniques to make a success of your astronomical photos, from preparing your photo outing to taking your shots.

Are you a photographer who wants to learn how to photograph the night sky? Are you new to astrophotography and want to improve your skills? Meet me on Friday 30 August 2024 at 8pm in front of the observatory. I'll be at your side throughout the workshop, sharing my tips and experience so that you can take your own photos.

As for the equipment required :

  • SLR or mirrorless camera
  • Lens(es), bright if possible
  • Intervallometer (external or integrated into the camera body)
  • Tripod
  • Warm clothing (we'll be at 2200m)
  • Memory card and battery

What you will learn :

  • Preparing your photo outing: light pollution - weather - astronomy
  • Equipment and settings: which settings to use for which photo and with which equipment
  • Discovering the sky: a tour of the sky and its main targets (constellations, planets, Milky Way). Learn how to orient yourself in the sky to get the best images

Practical info​

  • The price of CHF 75 does not include the ascent/descent by funicular

José Rodrigues

Born in 1996 on the shores of Lake Geneva, José has been an amateur astronomer since the age of 10. A keen visual observer, he makes his own telescopes and does astrodrawing. Passionate about images, astrophography has naturally been added to his astronomy. It's a way of illustrating the atmosphere of observation evenings, of keeping busy when the weather isn't cooperating, but also of sharing things in a more accessible way. This desire to get as much as possible out of his observations led him to astrophysics and the search for exoplanets in particular. After a master's degree in astrophysics at the Geneva observatory, he moved on to ESO before starting his doctorate in astrophysics at the Institut d'Astrophysique de Porto, still working on the detection and characterisation of terrestrial-type exoplanets. He is committed to communicating astronomy with the public and making it accessible in a variety of ways: public observations, lectures, drawings, photography and... workshops!


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